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The Brush is a mobile family fun painting experience in Jacksonville, FL. We do painting art parties for all ages.

Marina Davidson

Hello, my name is Marina Davidson. Thank you for coming to visit. I have loved the process of art for as long as I can remember. I knew early in life that art would play a major part in my life. Throughout childhood, I drew pictures, but didn’t get serious about art until middle school when one of my friend’s mom showed me a beautiful painting. It was amazing and had beautiful lines. I fell in love with it. Her mom helped me get a portfolio together for Douglas Anderson School of the Arts. I was accepted! After DA I went to Atlanta College of Art to study Illustration.

I returned to Jacksonville Fl and began to teach Art in the public school system. Soon after, I had an opportunity to teach art in the Catholic school system where I continue to teach today. I love it there. It’s the perfect combination of art and Jesus!

Teaching at a private school is very satisfying, but I felt like there was more that I could do. The words “The Brush” came to mind. It means “Boldly, Renew, Uniqueness, Spirit and Hope through art”. This was a God breathed idea that was in the works from the start of my artistic interests. I am so excited that I get to serve people in this artistic adventure alongside my husband who has been so encouraging through my artistic career.